This year international conference refers to the highly popular cycle of scientific meetings which were held regulary from 1998 to 2008 and were organized by the Department of Automotive Engineering. This conference is mainly devoted to the presentation of innovative trends and solutions in the desing, operation and monitoring of the system operating parameters and technologies of combustion engines charching, as well as their impact on reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Starting this year, we would like this conference to become a ground for a broad exchange of knowledge and experiences for the research community from the European Union countries and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe which provide significant contribution to the development  of combustion engines, in particular to the improvement of recharging technologies. The aim of the conference is to initiate cooperation between national and foreign universities, research institutions and industry, including the newly opened European Union program "Horizon 2020".

Recognizing the importance of the so-called decentralized energy supply systems that have increased year by year, we decided that the extent of the conference would include not only traction engines but also medium - and high - power stationary engines forming the basis for functioning the polygeneration systems of various forms of final energy. The conference is also open to the presentation of scientific work and experimental research results in the area of marine diesel engines charging.


We are looking for papers on the following topics:

- modern systems of multistage and differential supercharging (including turbo-compound type),
- modern concepts of supercharging in downsizing of self-ignition and spark ignition engines,
- modern concepts of the deep cooling of charged air,
- advanced simulation methods in the design and optimization of supercharging system components,
- modern construction materials and production technologies in combustion engines supercharging,
- modern measurement systems and diagnostic methods in operation of supercharged combusion engines,
- application of the exploitation testingresults of modern supercharged combustion engines in the evaluation of their operational reliability and durability,
- application of modern numerical methods in the evaluation ofengine interaction and supercharging assembly,
- energy efficiency and emission levels of supercharged combustion engines,
- advanced technologies for exhaust gas energy recovery systems (e.g. polygeneration energy systems, hybrid drives).